Insurance Coverage

Being an insurance defense firm at its core, Plant, Christensen & Kanell has extensive experience in insurance coverage matters.  The firm has handled a full range of insurance coverage disputes through the years.  Its practice has included insurance coverage disputes concerning two of the largest cases historically in the State of Utah involving mining accidents, specifically the Wilberg Mine fire in the mid 1980’s, and the Crandall Canyon Mine collapse in 2007.  The lawyers of Plant, Christensen & Kanell successfully obtained summary judgment on claims against the insurance broker involved with placement of coverage for the mine operator of the Wilberg Mine, and successfully held the summary judgment on appeal to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.  More recently, the firm was intimately involved in the insurance coverage issues involved in the Crandall Canyon Mine collapse.

Insurance Bad Faith

Through the years, insurance bad faith claims have required particular expertise, and Plant, Christensen & Kanell has defended such claims for its clients.  The firm’s experience in insurance bad faith claims ranges from the very small to the very large claim, and the firm enjoys a strong reputation in this area.


As part of its insurance practice, Plant, Christensen & Kanell provides subrogation claim services whenever it is able.  The firm attempts to provide its insurance clients with a full range of legal services, which necessarily include subrogation claims.  Many of the attorneys at the firm gained their first trial experience handling small subrogation claims.


Surety bond claims have always been a part of Plant, Christensen & Kanell’s insurance defense practice.  This area of practice has primarily involved miscellaneous bonds, including motor vehicle dealer bonds and notary bonds.