Automobile/Trucking Accidents

Plant, Christensen & Kanell has a long history of serving insurance carriers and insureds on claims involving automobile accidents.  The claims have ranged from simple “fender benders” to serious injury and death claims.  Each attorney with the firm has successfully defended automobile accident claims, whether through traditional litigation channels, arbitration, or mediation. 

Trucking accident litigation forms a part of the insurance defense practice, and Plant, Christensen & Kanell has handled many trucking accident claims throughout its history.  In recent years, the firm has enjoyed a significant increase in this area of practice, and currently handles numerous trucking accident claims.  These claims range from the simple trucking accident to the very complex, multi-vehicle accidents.

Dram Shop Liability

Plant, Christensen & Kanell has successfully handled numerous dram shop liability cases through the years.  The firm’s work in this area has included work for several different insurance carriers. 

Personal Injury

With insurance defense as its core practice, Plant, Christensen & Kanell has handled countless numbers of personal injury claims.  Each lawyer in the firm has successfully defended personal injury actions.  The firm is a strong proponent of alternative dispute resolution of such claims and frequently arbitrates and mediates personal injury claims. 

Premises Liability

In addition to automobile accident claims, premises liability claims are prevalent within an insurance defense firm.  Each lawyer at Plant, Christensen & Kanell has handled premises liability claims.  The firm has frequently obtained summary judgment on premises liability claims.  Where summary judgment is not viable, the firm has successfully defended premises liability claims through trial, and has also obtained favorable results through arbitrations and mediations. 

Products Liability

Products liability claims form a part of Plant, Christensen & Kanell’s insurance defense practice as well as its general commercial litigation practice.  The firm has handled products liability claims for numerous insurance carriers and industrial and commercial clients through the years.  Each of the partners of Plant, Christensen & Kanell has had significant experience with products liability claims.